Geared Brake Motor

Amit Electricals Manufacture suppler and exporter Geared brake motor. Industry experience in this field enabled us to provide a wide range of Geared Brake Motors to our reputed clients. We are Manufacture, Supplier and Exporter of Geared brake Motor India and abroad. The offered motors are widely applicable and demanded. Geared brake Motor is Combination of A c Induction motor, Gear With Brake. Amit electrical has excellent technological strengths and production facilities.

Geared Brake Motor Specification

We are Manufacturing Three Different Type of Geared Brake Motor

Worm Geared brake motor

K W 0.18 to 5.5 (0.25 Hp. To 7.5 Hp) in for 415 ± 5% volts 50 HZ ± 3% other voltage and frequency also we can supply on demand.

We having Wide Range in Worm Gear motor it Range Ratio 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 and 100

Worm Geared brake Motor is universal Mounted. If customer require gear with Flange it also Possible.

Helical Geared brake motor

0.37 to 5.5 KW (0.5 To 7.5 Hp) in for 415 ± 5% volts 50 HZ ± 3% other voltage and frequency also we can supply on demand.

Ratio range: We have a vide Rpm range in helical gear motor minimum Output speed: 4 to 500 rpm

Mounting type: Foot-mounted, flange-mounted, horizontal or vertical installation

Cyclo Geared brake motor

0.37 to 5.5 Kw. (0.5 To 7.5 Hp) in for 415 ± 5% volts 50 HZ ± 3% other voltage and frequency also we can supply on demand.

We having Wide Range in Cycloidal speed reducer With Brake it Range Ratio 11, 17, 23, 29, 35, 43, 59, 71 and 87

cycloidal speed reducer are Available in Foot and Flange Mounting for Various application


We are manufacture, exporter and supplier of two type of Geared brake motor.

Fail Safe Brake (When power off shaft lock)

Fail safe brake motor in case of power supply off ensuring further to a precise stop and quick braking action, the security of sudden inter venations in case of an unintentional power supply failure (i.e. power supply black-out, equipment failure)The braking action is obtained without axial sliding of shaft and provides equal braking torque in both directions of rotations. It is Fail safe brake motor.

Normally off type brake (when power supply on shaft lock)

Normally off type brake is totally different type of brake in compare of failsafe. it works when supply on. It help to stop machine when need to stop. Like when need to machine or equipment in situation of emergency.


  • Continues Duty Brake Motor (S1)
  • Short time Duty (S2)
  • Intermittent periodic Duty (S3)
  • Intermittent duty with Starting Duty (S4)
  • Intermittent duty with starting & ele. Braking (S5)


We are supply Geared brake motor with Ingress protection 44 as defined in IS: 4691. Motors can be supplied with IP-54 and IP-55 on request.

Shaft & Rotor

Geared brake motor Rotor is positive locking with Shaft key joint so that cannot move on high Full lord Torque. Shafts are made by En-8 or En-9 material. Rotors are of high-pressure E.C. Grad aluminum die-cast. Every rotor is dynamically balanced. It’s make motor low amplitudes of Vibration & noise.


Conveyors, Packaging, Loading, Automation, Crane Travel material handling lift.


  • Excellent performance, simply structure, small cubage and high efficiency Easy to mount and maintain.
  • Wide output reduction ratio, large torque and good capability of enduring overloads
  • Running stably, low noise and wearing well Wide applicability.