Clutch Brake Combination Motor

We are manufacture, exporter and supplier of Clutch Brake Combination Motor. Basically combination of clutch, brake and motor.


Clutch brake combinations are motor used where intermittent operations are required. These combinations consist normally off brake as well as normally off clutch. These type of units operate on D c Voltages. No slip rings, hence virtually maintenance free throughout their life. It is possible to set air gap without dismantling the unit. It is normal condition drive is isolated form driven load and rotates freely. Once power is supplied to the cultch coil, armature shifts from brake stator over the air gap towards rotor thus acts as single unit and torque gets form backlash. Similarly when power is withdrawn from the clutch coil and supplied to break coil, powerful field forces the armature plate to slide back towards the brake stator and hence braking takes place. In case of armature with prestressed springs switching off power supply to clutch/ brake coils, pre-stressed springs pull back the armatures. In both the condition predetermined. air gap play in important role.

Range Of Production

Clutch Brake Combination Motor 0.25 to 30 Hp. (0.18 to 15 KW) Frame 63 to 160L in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 Pole

Mounting Type

Foot (B3) Flange (B5)


Clutch Brake Combination Motor are supplies in a robust, rugged cast iron frame with integral feet. On Request we can supply motor in aluminum body up to 100 L frame.


Clutch Brake Combination Motor supply with class F insulation as standard feature. Also supply H on request of customer.

Voltage and Frequency

Motor Supply volts 415 ± 5% 50 Hz. ± 3% customer request we are also able supply motor in 220, 380, 460, 525 volts on HZ. 50 or 60 Also. Clutch Brake Combination unit supply with 24, 96, 105,190 or 205 VDC as per customer requirement.


We are supply Clutch Brake Combination Motor with Ingress protection 44 as defined in IS: 4691. Motors can be supplied with IP-54 and IP-55 on request.

Shaft & Rotor

Rotor is positive locking with Shaft key joint so that cannot move on high Full lord Torque. Shafts are made by En-8 or En-9 material. Rotors are of high-pressure E.C. Grad aluminum die-cast. Every rotor is dynamically balanced. It’s make motor low amplitudes of Vibration & noise.


Clutch Brake Combination Motor is especially suitable to be used with Lifting Machinery, Textile Machinery, Geared motor, Cable Reeling Drums, Rolling Mills, Machine tools Etc.


  • High efficient
  • Noise Free
  • Vibrating free
  • Low running cost
  • Durable
  • Smooth finishing
  • Cost effective
  • Precision design

Other Information

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
  • Port of Dispatch: Ahmedabad
  • Production Capacity: 20000
  • Delivery Time: Ex-stock
  • Packaging Details: Export Packing (As per the Suitable in Air/Shipping/Cargo Consignment)