Dual Voltage Motor

Amit electrical manufacturing Dual voltage motor in various ratio. Dual voltage motor has the ability to operate on two different voltages and still maintain the motor characteristics of the nameplate specifications. As the voltage goes down the current will increase in value but the HP and RPM will remain the same.



0.10 H.p. to 75 H.p. (0.075 K.W. to 55 K.W.) Frame 63 to 250M in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12Pole

Mounting Type

  • Foot (B3)
  • Flange (B5)
  • Face (B14)
  • Foot with Flange (B35)
  • Foot with Face (B34)


Performance conforms to Is: 12615 and dimensions according to IS 1231 & IS 2223


Dual voltage motor are supplied in a robust, rugged cast iron frame with integral feet. On Request we can supply motor in aluminum body up to 100 L frame.


All Dual voltage motor Motors are continuous rated to comply with performance standards. Other rating also supply on Customer request.

Voltage and Frequency

We are Manufacturing Dual voltage motor in
Ratio 1 : 1.732 & 2 : 1 with 50 or 60 Hz
Ratio 1 : 1.732 (48/83, 120/210, 220/380, 240/415, 380/660 & 400/690) with 50 or 60 Hz
Ratio 2: 1 (96/48, 230/115, 440/220) with 50 or 60 Hz


Dual voltage motor IP-44 Protection as defined in IS: 4691. Dual voltage motor can be supplied with IP-54 and IP-55 on request.


Dual voltage motors are supply with class F insulation as standard feature. Also supply H on request of customer.


Dual voltage motor Shaft Made from high carbon steel to provide exceptional Strength & rigidity to minimize deflection.


Dual voltage motor Rotors are of high-pressure E.C. Grad aluminum die-cast. Every rotor is dynamically balanced. Its make motor low amplitudes of Vibration & noise

Bearings & Lubrication

Bearings are adequately lubricated with lithium based high temp up to 150 deg. All the motors are supplied with C3 ball bearing & fully charged with lithium base grease at the time of assembly.


Three phase Standard motor Supply with Enclosure T.E.F.C. (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooling).

Thermal Overload Protection

We can also supply motor with T.O.P Switch on Demand of Customer. It can provide motor extra safety form over lord protection.

Earthling terminals

Dual voltage motor provided with minimum two earthling terminals. One in the terminal box and other on foot.


All Dual voltage motor are painted with semi glossy synthetic enamel paint. However sp. Paint is available on request.


Manufacture design dual voltage is to make this motor available for any country used because every country have a different voltage. It Can Help to all Machine Manufacture who are Export.


  • Excellent performance and high efficiency
  • Long life and Little breakdown
  • Strong against impact
  • torque and good capability of enduring overloads
  • Running stably, low noise and wearing well Wide applicability.

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