Worm Reduction Gear Box

Amit electrcials manufacture supplier and exporter Worm Reduction Gear Box. We are dedicatedly engaged in offering a wide assortment of Worm Reduction Gear, which are designed as per the set of industry norms and standards. These products are highly demanded for their accurate dimensions and sturdy construction. We offer these products in all around the globe at very reasonable price. These products are carefully designed and developed which attract the customers and meet their requirements.


Range Ratio

We having Wide Range in Worm Gear box it Range Ratio 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 and 100

Center Distance (Size)

We having wide range of center distance size 1.25 Inch to 8 Inch.

Worm Wheel

Worm Wheel is made of cast phosphorous bronze teeth are accurately hobbed to facilitate inter-changeability, It is made of centrifugally cast phosphor Bronze rim shrunk and keyed on cast iron center block on bigger unit and solid casting for smaller units.

Gear Housing

It is made of close grain graded cast iron. Large cooling fins on both sides and adequate cooling area improve efficiency. Worm wheel is inspected to match the masterpiece.

Worm Shaft

Worm Shaft id of single piece accurately made out of case carburized alloy steel. The worm Motor is Solid with shaft made of high grade alloy steel so as to give hardware resisting surface duly case hardened & super finished. The Bearing & Oil Seal generals are accurately, cylindrically Ground to give smooth running.


The ball or roller bearings are used in worm wheel with ample capacity so that is can take journal and thrust loads.

Oil seals

Superior quality oil seals are user to ensure complete oil tight.


Gear and bearing are automatically and positively lubricated by means of serially selected synthetic lubricant at all speed by splash of their lubricant from the sump. Thus no special attention is necessary for long time of gear lubrication

Output Shaft

Output Shaft are Made from high carbon steel to provide exceptional Strength & rigidity to minimize deflection. Hollow shaft Gear box, solid shaft, both side shafts, one side Gear supply as per customer requirement.


Conveyors, Packaging, Loading, Automation, material handling lift.


  • Excellent performance, simply structure, small cubage and high efficiency Easy to mount and maintain.
  • Wide output reduction ratio, large torque and good capability of enduring overloads
  • Running stably, low noise and wearing well Wide applicability and enough and safe dependability.