Bench Polisher Machines

Amit electricals is manufacture, Exporter and Suppler of Bench Polisher Machine Since 1978 In brand “ATLAS”. We are having a wide Experience of manufacturing. Number of Satisfied Client associated with Us Since 1978. One of the trust Name in Bench Grinder Machine Manufacture.

Range of Production

We have wide Product Range in Production in Bench Polisher machine.

Three Phase

0.25 to 5 Hp. (0.18 to 3.7 Kw.) Three phase bench polisher machine suitable for 415 ± 5% volts 50 HZ ± 3%. We are also capable for Manufacturing three phase motor in different volts Like 220, 380, 460, 525 and 50 or 60 frequency.

Single phase

0.25 to 2 HP. (0.18 to 1.5 Kw) Single Phase bench polisher machine suitable for 215 ± 5% volts 50 HZ ± 3%. we are also able to Supply motor in 110 volts on HZ 60 Also.


Bench Polisher Machine are supplied in a robust, rugged cast iron Body. Body is of high-grade cast iron and bolls are designed to assure ample clearance for grinding odd shaped items end long stock.


Bench Polisher Machine Shafts are made from high carbon steel to provide exceptional Strength & rigidity to minimize deflection.


Rotors are of high-pressure E.C. Grad aluminum die-cast. Every rotor is dynamically balanced. Its make motor low amplitudes of Vibration & noise


All Bench Polisher Machine Winding insulated with class ‘B’ insulation as a safe guard against high temperature rise. In higher horsepower grinders are protected with insulated with class ‘F’. Fully impregnated with high grade insulating varnish for tropical climate.


Bench Polisher Machine are Design for Working Continuous (S1) rated to comply with Performance standards.


Bench Polisher Machine Deep grooved with sufficient lubricant, double sealed to prevent entry of any kind dust or other partial matter inside the bearings.


Rotary switches are provided for easy & lifelong operation.


Bench Polisher Machine is are Use in Number of application Like Workshop, Machine tools, Steel Industries, Workshop, Rubber industries, Plastic Industries, Ect.


  • High efficient
  • Durable
  • Smooth finishing
  • Economical price
  • Precision design
  • Long Life