Cycloidal Speed Reducers

Amit Electricals manufacture, exporter and supplier of cycloidal speed reducers. industry experience in this field enabled us to provide a wide range of Cycloidal speed reducers to our reputed clients. The offered Cyclo Gear motors are widely applicable and demanded. Cycloidal speed reducer is Combination of Cyclo Gear and Motor. Amit electrical has excellent technological strengths and production facilities.

Working Principal

Cycloidal reducers working principal is simple. The input shaft is mounted eccentrically to bearing causing the cycloidal disc to move in a circle. Cycloidal reducers disc will independently rotate around the bearing as it is pushed against the ring gear. The number of pins on the ring gear is larger than the number of pins on the cycloidal disc. It need to accurate machining. This causes the cycloidal disc to rotate around the bearing faster than the input shaft is moving it around, giving an overall rotation in the direction opposing the rotation of the input shaft. The cycloidal disc has holes that are slightly larger than the output roller pins that go inside them. The output pins will move around in the holes to achieve steady rotation of the output shaft from the wobbling movement of the cycloidal disc.


Range Ratio

We having Wide Range in Cycloidal speed reducer it Range Ratio 11, 17, 23, 29, 35, 43, 59, 71 and 87

Hp. Range:

We are manufacturing cycloidal speed reducer

Three Phase Cycloidal speed reducer
K W 0.37 to 5.5 (0.37 To 10 Hp) in for 415 ± 5% volts 50 HZ ± 3% other voltage and frequency also we can supply on demand.

Single Phase Cycloidal speed reducer
K W 0.1 to 2.2. (0.15 To 3 Hp) in 215 ± 5% volts 50 HZ ± 3% other voltage and frequency also we can supply on demand.


cycloidal speed reducer are Available in Foot and Flange Mounting for Various application


Cyclodical Gear box body is Made by a robust, rugged cast iron frame with integral feet. It provid long life.


Shaft id of single piece accurately made out of case carburized alloy steel. Solid with shaft made of high grade alloy steel so as to give hardware resisting surface duly case hardened & super finished. The Bearing & Oil Seal generals are accurately, cylindrically Ground to give smooth running.

Oil seals

Superior quality oil seals are user to ensure complete oil tight.


Gear and bearing are automatically and positively lubricated by means of serially selected synthetic lubricant at all speed by splash of their lubricant from the sump. Thus no special attention is necessary for long time of gear lubrication


Conveyors, Packaging, Crane travel, Material handling lift, Machine tools application.


  • Excellent performance and high efficiency
  • Long life and Little breakdown
  • Strong against impact
  • Wide output reduction ratio, large torque and good capability of enduring overloads
  • Running stably, low noise and wearing well Wide applicability.